'Quiet' Chandrayaan which went silent in 2009 still orbiting Moon, locates NASA
- March 11, 2017

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) chose to "find" the Chandrayaan-1 orbiter to test some new tracking hardware that was being developed. The NASA scientists explained that finding derelict spacecraft and space debris in Earth's orbit can be technologically very challenging and detecting these objects in Moon's orbit is even more hard. (more...)
Single atom memory possible say researchers Single atom memory possible say researchers
- March 10, 2017

To do this, they used IBM's scanning tunnelling microscope (which famously won the Nobel Prize for Physics back in 1986) to place an atom of the chemical element Holmium on top of a bed of magnesium oxide. The new technology could potentially yield storage density 1,000 times denser than today's HDDs and SSDs. The orientation of the poles determines whether the atom is considered to be either a 0 or a 1, like the binary values assigned to bits in a classical computer. (more...)
911 service restored for AT&T users in Delaware, Chester counties 911 service restored for AT&T users in Delaware, Chester counties
- March 10, 2017

Multiple law enforcement offices are reporting that 911 is now unable to receive calls from AT&T cell phone users in Central Texas. "Service has been restored for wireless customers affected by an issue connecting to 911", a representative for the company said in an email statement. (more...)
Narendra Modi; Most Talked About Politician On Facebook Narendra Modi; Most Talked About Politician On Facebook
- March 09, 2017

The Prime Minister also highlighted central government schemes, especially those for farmers, youth and women and said there was need to change the future of farmers. Prices of key medicines have been reduced. Failed Promises: PM Modi's own image had taken a beating in his own constituency, and what the BJP has claimed as its "garh". (more...)
Amazon CEO's Blue Origin Rocket Has Its First Customer Amazon CEO's Blue Origin Rocket Has Its First Customer
- March 08, 2017

Hell, the man even has them on a pair of cowboy boots. Blue Origin in 2015 canceled the claims disputed by SpaceX , which achieved its first rocket landing at sea in April 2016. The client is Eutelsat , the French satellite provider. The rocket's payload capacity to low Earth orbit, a few hundred miles in altitude, will be almost 100,000 pounds, or 45 metric tons, Bezos said . (more...)
New NOAA satellite captures unprecedented view of lightning over Texas New NOAA satellite captures unprecedented view of lightning over Texas
- March 08, 2017

This image combines an hour's worth of lightning data obtained on February 14, according to NOAA. We're seeing lightning like never before! The satellite can essentially sit over storms and show whether they are getting stronger. The newly released GLM image shows a view from February 14, when a number of storms popped up in the west. The brighter colors indicate more lightning energy, according to NOAA. (more...)
Scientists Explain the Depressing Reason Why Pandas Are Black and White Scientists Explain the Depressing Reason Why Pandas Are Black and White
- March 07, 2017

Although there have been many theories surrounding the mammal's fur, none of the could account for the fact that the panda is the only bear species who has this unique feature. Researchers have gone to extreme lengths to answer one seemingly simple question - why is the giant panda black and white? "The breakthrough in the study was treating each part of the body as an independent area", said Caro. (more...)
Pentagon Calls North Korean Missile Launches 'Very Serious Threat' Pentagon Calls North Korean Missile Launches 'Very Serious Threat'
- March 07, 2017

The South Korean military says North Korea fired off four ballistic missiles this morning. The missile launches came as Seoul and Washington launch annual joint military exercises , infuriating Pyongyang which condemns them as provocative rehearsals for invasion. (more...)
Le Pen loses European Union immunity over IS atrocity tweets Le Pen loses European Union immunity over IS atrocity tweets
- March 05, 2017

BVA said Le Pen had likely lost support because of comments at a rally in Nantes last week in which she appeared to threaten to punish government employees who would "persecute" political opponents. The staunch Catholic emerged in November as the surprise nominee of the conservative Republicans party after promising to slash public spending and cut bureaucracy. (more...)
Mercedes-Benz Recalling Thousands of Vehicles Over Combustion Concerns Mercedes-Benz Recalling Thousands of Vehicles Over Combustion Concerns
- March 04, 2017

The Germany firm said that no injuries or deaths had occurred as a result of the incidents. If you are located in the United States and you own one of the affected vehicles, you will receive a notice about the upcoming recall starting as early as later this month. (more...)
Fed chief Janet Yellen hints at interest rate hike this month
- March 04, 2017

A pair of Federal Reserve policymakers backed near-term interest rate hikes, saying that such a move was "compelling" and deserved "serious consideration", sending short-term Treasury yields soaring and doubling the odds of a March increase to 62% on Tuesday from just 31% on Monday. (more...)
Google's New 'Playables' Will Let You Try Games Before Buying Them Google's New 'Playables' Will Let You Try Games Before Buying Them
- March 03, 2017

Developers can run sales with the original price listed, which Google has noticed causes installs to go up 3x-20x. By promoting games on quality, Google wants to help small developers in reaching wider audience. Lastly, Google will be creating editorial pages later this month. A lot of the revenue Google rakes in from the Play Store is from mobile games, so it makes sense to see them focusing on improving the experience. (more...)
The Division devs are making a new Avatar game The Division devs are making a new Avatar game
- March 02, 2017

Details on the game have not been shared yet. Ubisoft Massive has a number of open positions for the Avatar project, including an online programmer, suggesting the game will have an online component. This was a straight-forward third-person shooter for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. The announcement video doesn't show us anything about the game itself, which suggests that we won't be seeing it for some time - indeed, expect it to release alongside the next movie sometime in 2018. (more...)
Google's YouTube to Launch $35-a-Month Web-TV Service Google's YouTube to Launch $35-a-Month Web-TV Service
- March 01, 2017

The service, creatively named YouTube TV , will launch this spring with a new, standalone app. The four main staples are ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. But YouTube hasn't struck deals with some marquee cable networks, like Turner, Discovery, Viacom , AMC, and A&E. (more...)
Proving Intelligence: Bees' Brains Allow Them to Roll Balls for Food
- February 28, 2017

To do this, they first trained insects to find a ball on a platform for a reward (a sucrose solution). Simply by watching other bees, bumblebees can learn to use a novel tool to obtain a reward, a new study reveals. Then, the researchers moved the ball to the edge of the platform. "It may be that bumblebees, along with many other animals, have the cognitive capabilities to solve such complex tasks, but will only do so if environmental pressures are applied to necessitate such ... (more...)
SpaceX Sending Private Citizens Beyond The Moon
- February 28, 2017

As UFO existence has not been totally clarified, renowned space tycoon Elon Musk have recently claimed that intelligent aliens may already be living among us on Earth. Currently, the uncrewed version transports supplies to the International Space Station. SpaceX has had extraordinary success and failure in the past year. (more...)
NASA Considering Adding Crew to Maiden Flight of New Megarocket
- February 27, 2017

The objective is to see what it would take to speed up a manned mission; under the current plan, astronauts wouldn't climb aboard until 2021 at best. William Gerstenmaier, associate administrator of NASA's human explorations and operation mission directorate in Washington, said they would be looking at a "big, crisp list of all the things we would physically have to change" on the vehicle in order to accommodate astronauts. (more...)
Did Apple just delay the iPad Pro 2?
- February 27, 2017

With the rise of iPad Pro, people believed that the shift would be towards the new tablet line. Apple's real plan is reported to unveil a 9.7-inch iPad with the A9 processor as the entry-level product, a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2 and a new 10.5-inch iPad. (more...)
OU Quarterback Baker Mayfield Arrested For Public Intoxication
- February 26, 2017

According to the police report, authorities made repeated attempts to get a statement from an intoxicated Mayfield, who was trying to break up an altercation, ESPN reports . "We don't have any other information at this time". Mayfield is due in court on April 7th on the intoxication charge, according to the Washington County Sheriff's Office. (more...)
Windows 10 PC Could Be Remotely Unlocked Using Samsung Galaxy Phones Windows 10 PC Could Be Remotely Unlocked Using Samsung Galaxy Phones
- February 23, 2017

The latest tweet shows the homescreen of the device, which indicates that Verizon will probably start selling the Galaxy J7 V by April 10 in the U.S. One picture offers a glimpse at what the device's Grace UX looks like. Samsung has set up March 29 as the official launch date of the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus. Not only is Hryvani predicting a price increase, but information from the firm has revealed colour options for both the S8 and S8 Plus. (more...)
Los Angeles the world's most traffic-clogged city, study says
- February 22, 2017

The discrepancy between congested night- and daytime driving in Detroit was noteworthy, as 8 percent of driving time was spent on roads into and out of the city during peak hours. The city's gridlocked roads mean that journeys home from work take 54 per cent longer than when the roads are clear, according to traffic analysis by TomTom. (more...)
Origami bulletproof kevlar shield could revolutionise gunfire protection for Federal Bureau of Investigation and police
- February 21, 2017

According to one of the engineers involved with the project, Professor Larry Howell , he and his team worked closely together with law enforcement departments and SWAT teams to better understand their needs in the field. The average ballistic barrier weighs up to 100 pounds, once raised, this shield can cover 3 officers by protecting them from nearly any handgun bullets. (more...)
WhatsApp adds 'status' feature in not do past and future WhatsApp adds 'status' feature in not do past and future
- February 21, 2017

Starting today, we are rolling out an update to status , which allows you to share photos and videos with your friends and contacts on WhatsApp in an easy and secure way. 24. He said limiting the feature to the users contacts would ensure that WhatsApp continues to keep its focus on reliability and security. Facebook had earlier brought such functionality to its main app, Messenger, and on the photo-sharing service, Instagram too. (more...)
SpaceX launches rocket from NASA's historic moonshot pad
- February 21, 2017

EST (1439 GMT) from US space agency NASA's historic Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the first time , NASA TV showed. The company has clarified that its engineers are working on the issue and the launch should not be delayed by more than 24 hours. "The forecast issued today from the 45th Weather Squadron calls for a 60 percent chance of acceptable conditions Saturday morning for the launch of the CRS-10 mission", the United States space ... (more...)
Portal writer Erik Wolpaw has left Valve Portal writer Erik Wolpaw has left Valve
- February 21, 2017

Wolpaw previously wrote for the first Psychonauts game, which won the Game Developers Choice Award for best writing in 2006. He's working with Double Fine for Psychonauts 2 as well. And for those curious following initial reports, it seems that writer Jay Pinkterton is still at Valve, at least according to Wolpaw's Twitter . One reason Laidlaw cited for his decision to retire was his age. (more...)
Brexit bill faces tough test in House of Lords
- February 21, 2017

The House of Lords is not expected to want to be seen frustrating the referendum result, so if the Commons rejects any amendments it puts forward, it may not push to reinstate them. "The fact is it is a simple bill on whether we trigger Article 50", she said. At the committee stage, a detailed examination and discussion of proposed amendments takes place and amendments may be voted on. (more...)
To Match PS4, Xbox One Drops Price For A Limited Time
- February 19, 2017

The Xbox Project Scorpio will likely unveil during the briefing. The company has designed Project Scorpio with continuity in mind. According to Trusted Reviews , Microsoft announced that a full reveal is to be expected about Project Scorpio aka Xbox Scorpio at E3 2017. (more...)
Mexicans unite against Trump calling him a Mexicans unite against Trump calling him a "menace"
- February 14, 2017

Videgaray said in a television interview that Mexican consulates in the United States have received three times as many phone calls from citizens there as before the USA election in November, after Trump promised during his campaign to deport millions of undocumented migrants. (more...)
Sean Dyche: 'Burnley are still work in progress' Sean Dyche: 'Burnley are still work in progress'
- February 13, 2017

I'm scoring when I have the chance and that's good for me and for the team. "We must be disappointed to take only one point". Conte himself described Burnley's tactics as defensive, although the Italian, whose team lead by 10 points with 13 games left, emphasised that he did not mean it as a criticism. (more...)
Hot Wheels DLC coming to Rocket League this month Hot Wheels DLC coming to Rocket League this month
- February 10, 2017

There will be 12 Battle-Cars - including Octane, Dominus, Masamune, Hotshot, Grog, X-Devil, Merc, and Backfire - available this spring, and each auto comes with its own miniature Rocket Ball. Asked on Twitter if the new cars would allow for customization, developer Psyonix said, "Both Hot Wheels Battle-Cars - Twin Mill III and Bone Shaker - are fully customizable". (more...)
Triple treat: Eclipse, comet, full moon all coming Friday night
- February 10, 2017

While this won't be the incredible celestial event that is the solar eclipse this August, this will have to hold us over until then as we expect a penumbral eclipse this Friday night after sunset. Some tribes also referred to this moon as the Full Hunger Moon, since hunting and harvest were both in short supply. Rather than our mundane January, February, et cetera, they watched the year pass in a series of lovely moons, each one named for a predominate display of the season. (more...)
Pokemon Go's next event is a Chansey-heavy Valentine's Day celebration
- February 09, 2017

This new limited-time Pokemon Go event will only be available from 11:00am PST on February 8 (today!) to 11:00am PST on February 15. The new event will also double the number of sweets earned whenever a player catches, hatches, or transfers Pokemon. (more...)
Microsoft to offer patent protection for Azure customers using open source software
- February 09, 2017

According to , the new cloud computing service, which called Azure Backup, will ensure customers can use an off-site backup without the risk of their data being sent outside of the country. One thing is for certain, however, and that is that Azure is now offering a service that no other cloud provider offers. Yet. Microsoft has kicked off a preview of its Storage Service Encryption (SSE) for Azure customers, enabling organizations to protect their cloud files with the added ... (more...)
Scientists finally understand how pitcher plants developed the taste for flesh
- February 08, 2017

Scientists have for the first time sequenced the genome of a carnivorous plant known as the Australian pitcher plant - or Cephalotus follicularis . A new study examining the evolution of flesh-eating plants has found striking similarities in different species despite the fact that they live continents apart. (more...)
Android 7.1.2 Nougat to give users freedom in placing live wallpapers Android 7.1.2 Nougat to give users freedom in placing live wallpapers
- February 06, 2017

At three years of age the Nexus 5 is old and after two years Google don't offer updates for handsets, as with many phone makers. The Pixel and Pixel XL are the only smartphones that have Google Assistant integration while the virtual assistant powers Google's Home device and can be found in a slightly different version of the Allo app of Google. (more...)

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