Africa is in the crash zone of falling Chinese space station

Tiangong-1 reentry window forecast as of 6 March Credit ESA

TIME notes that Tiangong-1 is small when it comes to space stations, and that NASA made its own uncontrolled space station entry back into Earth in 1979 with its much larger 77-ton NASA SkyLab.

He said scientists would wait until two hours before it starts to fall to identify the precise location. "There's still a fair amount of uncertainty". Instead, he points out, you'd need to lodge a complaint with your government who might then seek damages on your behalf. The Aerospace Coporation says "amateur satellite trackers have been tracking Tiangong-1 and claim it has been orbiting uncontrolled since at least June 2016". Although the Chinese government has yet to confirm whether the reentry will be uncontrolled, global observers believe it has been orbiting uncontrolled since at least June 2016, so it's doubtful China has any influence over where it will reenter.

Debris from Tiangong-1 may fall onto the above shadowed areas. Because of that, it's almost impossible to pinpoint where the station will come down.

The last manned mission to Tiangong-1 was in 2013. Chinese officials initially said they planned to de-orbit Tiangong-1 in a controlled fashion, using the craft's thrusters to guide it into Earth's atmosphere.

Please join us as our experts discuss the latest predictions on the location and timing of this major reentry event.

Even with a higher chance than other regions, the likelihood of a piece of debris hitting someone or something is very unlikely. "It's more likely than not that this thing will reenter over an unpopulated area and it may be that no on ever sees it", Abraham said.

According to the European Space Agency and space debris experts the chances of being personally hit by a piece of space metal are practically zero, especially in Malta.

It is due to the Maltese scientists' efforts that for the first time a multi-pixel system has been installed on the Bologna radio telescope to watch the debris fall towards the earth.

"But you may get to wave it goodbye as it streaks across the sky". But that depends, of course, on how close you are to the falling debris as well as the time of day and the amount of cloud cover, according to Abraham.

It's kind of a amusing thing that this particular bit of space junk falling to Earth has captured the imagination of people around the world.

China has recently put the space station into "sleep mode" ahead of it de-orbitization and its replacement with a new model.



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